Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Daily Work At Home Jobs Report 6/9/20

What's up everybody. It's that time of day again, when I fill you in on my top 5 work at home jobs for the day. I scour the internet on a daily basis in order to bring ya'll the best work at home jobs that are not scams, and that actually pay. I try to find WAH jobs that don't require experience and that pay pretty frequently. So let's get started with today's jobs.

1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is an audio transcription company that allows you to make money from home transcribing video and audio files. You know the close captions that you see on TV shows and videos? Have you always wondered who did them? Well companies like Gotranscript hire people to watch the content and then type up what is being said. It's really a pretty easy gig if you and understand and write English and can type a decent rate per minute.

Gotranscript pays you each Friday through Paypal or Payoneer. The amount you make off each transcription project varies, but their website says that the average is around $.60 per minute.

You can work flexible hours and you can pick what projects you want to do. There is a transcription test that has to be passed before you can work for GoTranscript but it is passable.

Here is a video reviewing Gotranscript in greater detail.

2. Humantic

Humantic pays you to listen to and review recorded phone calls from select companies around the world. When you first begin you will have access to two of the easiest category of calls, but as you gain experience you can move up to more difficult calls.

Humantic pays weekly through Paypal. You will need a verified Paypal account to apply.

You can review calls on your own schedule. Below is a video review of Humantic that goes into further detail about working from home for the company.

3. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is currently hiring people to work from home as online assistants. Some of the task you will be required to do as a Fancy Hands associate include:
  • Making phone calls on behalf of people. Canceling their cable (a lot harder than it sounds).
  • Scheduling appointments (doctors, business, etc)
  • Tracking down the best price for something.
  • Finding hotels that meet certain criteria.
  • Data entry
You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and a audio headset microphone (click here for an example) to work for Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands pays per task depending on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is. Starting out tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00 to $7 per task and go up from there. Payments go out every other week via Dwolla.


VIPKID is a platform that pays you to teach English classes to children all over the world. Potential teachers must be legally able to work in the U.S. or Canada, have a 4 year bachelor's degree, and some teaching experience.

Pay with VipKid is based on the number of classes you teach. The more classes you teach, the more you earn. And there is no limit to the classes you can teach.

Base pay is between $7-9 per class. Classes are 25-minutes each, so you can potentially earn $14-18 per hour plus incentives.

There are a ton of video reviews of VipKids on Youtube. Here's one that goes into pretty good detail about what to expect working for them as a teacher.

5. Lionbridge 

 Lionbridge is hiring internet safety evaluators, which is really just a fancy title for reviewing internet search results and data. Prospective employees should have experience in use of web browsers and smartphone apps to navigate and interact online. You must also have lived in the United States for the last 5 years.

I could not find any specific information about payment on the Lionsbridge website but other sources online claim that you can make up to $15 an hour with the company.

That's all for today folks! Be sure to check back for more daily work at home job leads. And also visit my Youtube channel for videos on how to find work fast, working at home, and sarting your own business.